Web Maintenance

web maintenance

So you have a website but it may need a fresh look. Maybe something needs to be changed or updated.

Regular site maintenance helps keep your web site running properly. Sometimes you may have regular visitors so it is important to provide them with new and exciting information, products or features.

It is important to keep your site maintained on a regular basis or it will begin to drop in Google search rankings. Here’s a snapshot of our web maintenance services…

Maintenance includes…


Adding Content

It is important to add fresh and essential content on an ongoing basis to your website. This includes adding new pages, uploading images or videos or blogging on a regular basis.


All content on the website must be optimised for search engines. We analyse what you need, edit content and add essential keywords to ensure your site receives the highest level of search engine optimisation.


Ensure your site is in proper working order by continuous monitoring of important updates. We can enhance your website with the use of plugins and essential add-ons.

Responsive to Mobile Devices

So you may have a great website but is it easy to read and navigate on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets? If the answer is no, we can make this work for you!

Improved User Experience

Adding in elements and features that will improve user experience. We can help with redesigning the layout or the structure of your site.

A New Look

Do you need to make major changes to your website? Maybe your site needs a complete new look! We will sit down with you and take you through how we can help you.