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It is safe to say that the vast majority of the global population will turn to the web when searching for a product or service.  Business directories such as the Yellow Pages are now online and of course we have Google search which processes over 40,000 search queries every second.

Grow your business

With so much information available online, what might influence our decision making process? Think about when you do your own online search as a consumer. Some of the following may sway your choice of business:

1. A company website would be a big plus.

2. A decent website UX will definitely increase the chances of you staying and browsing through a company’s website pages.

3. The business’s product or service range and prices.

4. Customer reviews or testimonials.

Numbers 1 -3 above are self evident but surprisingly, number 4 is a valuable element that businesses do not avail of. Most of us will seek some kind of review either about a product or the customer experience before we make a purchase.

A good review can influence the consumer decision making process

So why are some companies lagging behind? Businesses simply may not want to bother their customers for a review. Other businesses may have a stack of reviews but just haven’t gotten around to using them.  Your customer’s testimonial is a benchmark of how well your business matches up against your competition. Bare in mind that your competitors may be utilising their reviews. Don’t lose out to your competitors.

How to use testimonials to grow your business

Once a project or transaction has completed, ask your customer for their feedback. A testimonial doesn’t need to be very long.  In fact, a few sentences about their experience / satisfaction is sufficient. Customer services is high on everyone’s wish list.

In the meantime you can create a case study explaining what was required of your company to meet with your customer’s objectives. Don’t be afraid to bring up any challenges or issues that were faced. Being able to overcome these or find solutions will only highlight your company’s dedication to customer service and satisfaction.

Some businesses like to place their customers’ testimonials on their website’s Home / About Us page.  A slider element can work well here as it won’t take up too much space on the page.

Edit your customer reviews so they are short but effective.

You should also place testimonials at the bottom of each case study. You could share these articles on social media to help attract new customers to your website.

Make it part of your digital marketing strategy

Using testimonials to grow your business is a small but essential piece of a larger puzzle. Adopting a complete digital marketing strategy will greatly maximise your business presence and online growth. We are experienced in developing bespoke strategies, tailored to individual businesses over a wide variety of industries. We combine our digital knowledge with traditional marketing principles. Get your business noticed online by contacting us today!


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