How to build customer trust & increase your sales

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Your customer’s perception is your business’s reality

Perception is how sensory information is interpreted or understood.   Businesses will inevitably be affected by how customers perceive them. From word of mouth to social media reviews a company’s reputation is built on the customer’s judgement.

For small companies trying to build their brand, negative reviews can be devastating. It is essential to build a solid, reliable reputation that builds trust.

‘Perception is Reality’ or the perception of reality. Are they the same thing?

customer trust will increase your sales

Customer trust will increase sales opportunities

Fake News & False Advertising

The term ‘fake news’ has made it into the Collins dictionary as the official word of the year 2017,  thanks to Donald Trump!  More than ever, we have to question what we are told, read or watch on TV.

A lot of advertising manipulates or ‘pushes’ the truth. How many brands claim that their moisturisers reduce wrinkles, their yogurts can make you thin or their cereal makes you smarter! Many unsubstantiated claims have landed well known companies with lawsuits.

Any company who has been exposed as having knowingly lied to increase sales will have to work very hard to get their credibility back.

customer trust will increase your sales

How to increase your sales and build trust for free!

In business, credibility is everything. Many companies depend on referrals to grow their customer base.  So how does a business  capitalise on its good reputation and increase sales without costing a penny?

Try any (or all!) of the following to increase your sales opportunities:


The written word of a customer advocating a business is a real gem for any company.  A few lines that communicates the customer’s satisfaction, along with their recommendation, can increase sales opportunities.

There are hundreds of businesses out there who regularly don’t take advantage of this free resource.  It’s good to get into the habit of asking a customer for a testimonial once a job has completed.

Make them visible to potential customers, i.e. place them onto your website and/or post them on social media channels.

Facebook reviews

Another way to build up a good reputation is to ask  customers to rate your business on Facebook. More often, people are using this social media channel  as a search tool for local businesses.

A couple of 5 star reviews may be the difference between your business being selected over your competitor’s.

Company branding

Your company’s brand is its identity. This is important because it can create customer loyalty, i.e. connecting your product or service with your company’s reputation and values.

If you have gone to the trouble of creating a logo and brand colours or fonts, ensure that your website reflects this throughout each page. Add your logo to all of your social media channels.

Making your brand memorable to potential customers is the goal.

Your website’s content

What is your website’s content actually saying about your business? Is your company’s mission statement or core values obvious? What message is coming across to potential customers? Do you blog?

Identify who or what your company’s best assets are. If it’s your employees then make sure you give them a great write up on your website.  If it is a piece of equipment or machinery then create a dedicated page around it.

Take the time to review how you appear online and make sure it highlights your good reputation.


Newsletters are a great way to build and maintain communication with existing and prospective customers. Mail Chimp is a free tool that is easy to use. Create targeted campaigns and view campaign analytics.

Send your newsletters monthly or quarterly for best effect.

How Smart Digital Marketing can help to increase your sales!

We will review your website and identify areas that require improvement such as SEO and the overall content. We can also assist you with social media marketing and create digital marketing strategies specific to your needs.  Contact us today.

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