How to create the perfect website design for your business

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There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to websites. Just as your business is unique, a website design should be tailored for your product/service and most importantly, your target consumer.

Before you start, you’ll need to do some research. Make notes on the following items:
  1. How many pages do you want your website to have and what titles will the pages have?
  2. What message do you want your website design to portray, i.e. images, videos & text content?
  3. What is your current branding? Do you have a logo? What colour scheme will your site have?
  4. Check out your competitors’ sites. What elements or design layouts do they use that you like?
  5. Functionality: what functions do you want your website to have, e.g. forms, calendars, booking system, e-commerce or sign up option?
Taking notes to help your website design

Make notes as you research your website ideas

There are a number of items that every website design should have as standard:

Call to action buttons

On almost every page, a clickable button will navigate the visitor to another page, usually your contact page or a sign up form. Basically it is a conversion tool, i.e. converting your visitor into a potential customer.

Your business logo

No matter what size your business is, you need to define yourself with a logo. This should take pride of place on the top of your website. It can be positioned either above your navigation menu or on the left hand side of it.


Your logo is your brand, therefore your website’s colour scheme and fonts should match those of your logo.

Social Media

You will want to display your social media links on your website. The icons can be placed within your site’s header or footer section. Another option is to add live ‘feeds’ to enable visitors to view your posts via your website.

Website design - get the layout right

What you need to prepare before you commence your website design:

  • Gather your content upfront as much as possible, i.e. images, videos and text.
  • Ask your clients for testimonials
  • Obtain your clients’ logos (these are great for external links)
  • Case studies
  • Calendars of events
  • Keywords for SEO

Being prepared with as much info as possible to hand over to your web designer will help the speed at which your website is created.

What style will suit your business?

Most companies opt for a brochure style website. This is a site that provides a number of pages to promote the business. These are often Home, About, Portfolio / Case Studies and Contact. The multiple-page option allows a comprehensive view of your business.

Some businesses only need a one-page website. Small services such as plumbers or electricians may want an online presence but don’t need to explain their day to day business operations. This type of site also works well for annual festivals or ‘one off’ events.

There’s a good reason to consider an E-Commerce website:

Online purchases are becoming the norm thanks to improved internet access and smartphones. You should consider developing an e-commerce website to maximise your sales potential. Government schemes such as the online trading voucher are in place to encourage Irish businesses to upgrade their sites to e-commerce.

Create e-commerce website design

User Experience – (UX)

Ever gone on to a website and because of a poor layout or broken links, you leave the site and look elsewhere? This is referred to as bad UX. Internet users expect the best and really there is no excuse for a poor website design. Your site should have good navigation throughout, this means the visitor can move easily between pages. Also the layout should be pleasing to the eye and all links should work.

Why we recommend WordPress in our website design options

Professional Look – Building a site using WordPress has a very professional end result. With a chosen template and the use of plugins your new website will have a fresh new look.

Responsive – It will be responsive to all platforms including tablets and smartphones so the user can navigate through your website when they are on the go.

Easy to update –  WordPress is a user friendly Content Management System. The admin user will be able to create and update relevant pages etc onto their site.

Google Analytics – Google Analytics is fully  integrated into WordPress so you will be able to track valuable data from the website.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is integrated throughout the whole website, improving rankings in Google for your business.

At Smart Digital Marketing we will help you to achieve your perfect website design

If you want a website that has a great design layout and functionality along with great UX, SEO and analytics as standard then Smart Digital Marketing is the right website design company for you!  After an initial consultation, we will create a wire frame based on your ideas.

We will communicate with you throughout the project and ensure you get the website you want, which will ultimately grow your business.

Contact us today for a free consultation.


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