How to choose a good web design company

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Any business that is going to invest in a new website should do some research before choosing their web design company.  Unfortunately it is all too common to come across businesses that have been left less than happy with their finished product.

Issues with site speed, poor navigation, broken links and bad page layouts, to name but a few, happens regularly. Any web design company worth their salt will communicate with their client on a regular basis, to make sure they are both ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’.

Websites do not come cheap so to make sure a business gets value for their money, the website has to make a return on the investment. For example, a good website will encourage visitors to stay longer and browse around the site’s pages. The potential for sales is then increased.

A good web design company will always ensure the following:

Page layouts

The landing page is the most important one as it is the page visitors will see first. It is vital that this has a great design which represents the company well.

Great navigation  throughout the site  will enable visitors easy access to whatever page they want to visit. Regular  call to action buttons will bring the visitor to a contact page or if e-commerce, the online shopping page.

All pages should have the company’s branding throughout. This sets the business’s site apart from the competition.


Web designers should always keep on top of the latest trends. The client is relying on the web design company to be aware of the latest in design, techniques and tools and most importantly, what will work best for them.


Every business will have their own website design budget and it is up to the web design company to know the limitations of each project they take on. It is better that their client is aware of what their budget will get them than to have their expectations dashed due to a lack of funds.


From the outset, a good web design company will insist on regular communication. Understanding a client’s requirements, timeline and budget from the beginning will ensure no nasty surprises during the project. It’s important that the client can review the site during its development which will help to keep the design on track.


The best way to see if the web design company is suitable is to check their portfolio page!

Choosing a good web design company

The landing page should have a call to action, great navigation and company branding


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