Digital Marketing

digital marketing

What is Digital Marketing? If you market your business via traditional media, such as a newspaper, you will never know who has actually seen your ad or PR material. What is your ROI? It’s impossible to calculate. Instead imagine that you promote your business online and specifically target the locations and demographics of your audience. Now, you can be sure that your business will be seen by the right people…. This is Digital Marketing.

Our skills lie in the following areas..

  • Social Media Management

    Developing and managing your social media channels. We will create strategies and campaigns for your business. Maintaining social media platforms that are the best fit for your business industry.

  • Blogging

    Blogs are a great way to get fresh content onto your website, this alone provides numerous benefits. If writing is not your thing or you just don’t have the time, we can blog for you!

  • SEO

    A beneficial online technique to assist with ‘being found’ online. First page ranking in search engines increases your chances of better visitor numbers to your website. We are Google certified and adhere to Google’s algorithm changes.

  • Google Analytics

    Google have a great tool to allow you to measure and analyse your website’s traffic and trends. By embedding Google Analytics into your website you can start gathering essential data straight away.

  • Video Marketing

    Video is fast becoming THE way in which businesses are showcasing themselves. Whether it is a live action explainer video or an animation we can build a strategy that will reach your intended audience.