5 Handy Digital Marketing Tips

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Recent CRO statistics show that 89% of Irish households have access to the internet. With over  84% of people using the internet daily, it is vital that businesses not only  have an online presence but that they have a strategy in place to ensure they are visible to the right target market.

Here are a few digital marketing tips which could help your business:

Strategy #1: Know your audience

Before you commence with an online marketing strategy, identify who your target market is. It will help keep your ideas aligned so that you focus your resources on producing marketing content that will appeal to them.

For example:
– What are their interests?
– Where are they located?
– What are their problems & needs?
– How can your product or service help to fulfill these needs?
– What image do you portray? Do you want to appear trendy for a younger audience or refined for professional types?

Instead of trying to appeal to a mass market, sharpen your strategy and use your resources wisely to appeal to those who really count, your potential customers.

digital marketing tips

Knowing your audience is vital to a successful digital marketing strategy

Strategy #2: Pick the right social media channels

Social media channels provide the perfect platform to reach potential customers but are they the right type for your business? The rule of thumb is that Facebook is best for B2C and LinkedIn is more tailored for B2B. Twitter appeals to a wide range of users and is great for branding however has yet to produce a business model to rival Facebook.

Instagram, Snapchat, Pintrest, Google plus and the list goes on –  it is about selecting the right channels to suit your company’s product or service. Some businesses choose to use 2 (or more) for their online marketing. If you have time & resources to manage that many, then that is great.

Be warned though that your business might be judged if your channels have no regular or recent activity.

digital marketing tips

Choose the right social media channels for your business

Strategy #3: Use analytics to sharpen your content

Facebook provides a fantastic set of tools to help analyse your audience and their reactions to your posts.  It provides stats on engagement, clicks, likes and lots more. All of this information is very valuable to your business. Why?

Because over a period of time, you will know what topics/ images/posts your audience engages with best and this enables you to choose the content you know they want.

The result: improved engagement with your audience and increased potential for sales conversion.

Facebook insights example


Stats on the audience reached via a paid ad on Facebook


Twitter has tools to identify what your followers are interested in.  Tailor your content to include topics that interest them, again to encourage sharing and engagement and help to build your brand. Of course don’t forget to select the right #’s!

Strategy #4: Update your website

Your website says a lot about your company.  If your site is dated, non responsive and rarely updated, you can bet your bottom dollar that visitors will take one look and leave. Then they’ll go to your competitor’s website.

Your site does not need to have whistles and bells but it will be viewed on smart phones and tablets therefore should ‘shrink to fit’.  Think of your website as the door to your online shop.

Make sure to SEO your site with relevant keywords to help with good, organic, Google search engine ranking.

digital marketing tips

Keep your website up to date with website maintenance

Strategy #5: Create a digital marketing strategy and document it

One of the most obvious digital marketing tips is about writing a strategy. It is one of those laborious tasks that a lot of businesses push to the bottom of their to-do list but it is highly motivating when you see your plans in black and white.  A bit like a guide book of how to get your company to where you want to be.

Digital marketing is a fantastic way to engage & grow your audience, eventually converting them from followers into customers.  Some benefits of having a strategy for online marketing include:

  • Organic growth
  • Improved ROI
  • Motivation
We hope you find some of our digital marketing tips helpful and beneficial to your business, in what is an often chaotic and competitive online world!
Did someone say “Digital Marketing Strategy”?

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